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Barbara White Daille Book Launch – One Week to Win Her Boss

Barbara White Daille Book Launch Alert!

One Week to Win Her Boss tells the moving love story of single mom Amber Barnett and her boss, confirmed bachelor Michael DeFranco in a delightful small-town romance. One Week to Win Her Boss adds another blizzard of delight to Barbara’s Snowflake Valley Series. We fall in love with Amber and Michael, and Snowflake Valley too. Warm your heart at the holiday romance hearth. Don’t miss this book. And be sure to enter the exciting Rafflecopter Giveaway at the end of Barbara’s story excerpt.

About One Week to Win Her Boss

Single mom Amber Barnett loves family, kids, Christmas… and unfortunately, her boss, confirmed bachelor Michael DeFranco. It’s a crush she really needs to get over. Except, when she’s temporarily forced from her apartment, her only option is to stay at Michael’s private ski lodge, where she’s the housekeeper. No problem. Her handsome boss rarely visits Snowflake Valley unexpectedly, plus he’s spending the holidays with his family. Or so she thinks…

A stormy Christmas Eve reunion leaves Michael seeking the solitude of his lodge, where he finds Amber in residence—and in trouble. Attempting to save her from her matchmaking family, he announces they’re a couple. His good deed backfires when they’re instantly included in each and every holiday event in town. So much for solitude.

Only the more time he spends with the beautiful, cheery brunette, the more he yearns to make things real between them. But he and Amber want different things, and Michael could never be the family man she’s looking for.

Excerpt from One Week to Win Her Boss

While Michael put the SUV away in the garage, Amber settled Penny in the playpen. Though it was nearly ten o’clock after a long day, the baby was still wide-eyed and excited.

Like mother, like daughter.

Smiling, Amber went to turn on the tree lights. The perfect touch for the best Christmas ever. The twinkling lights in the room matched the lights inside her. Who wouldn’t have felt a little glow with a man like Michael by her side? So what if she had only a week before her prince left town? By then, anything could happen.

At the sound of the kitchen door closing, she wrapped her arms around herself. The hug did nothing to settle her excitement. Her heart raced, but for a much different reason than when Michael had arrived…only last night?

As he entered the living room, he took one look at her and frowned. “Are you cold? Want me to start a fire?”

You already have. But who would say no to an invitation like that one? Curled up together on the couch in front of the fireplace, who knew how hot things would get. “That would be great. I haven’t thawed out from our walk through town.”

“You should have said something on the ride home. I’d have cranked up the heat in the SUV.” He knelt in front of the fireplace. “Another thing you forgot to mention—that Christmas caroling gig. Were you afraid I’d turn down your invitation to it in front of your entire family?”

“Try complete panic. What if you’d insisted on auditioning for them—and not been able to carry a tune?”

“Surprised you, huh?”

“That’s an understatement. You didn’t mention one single word about a tryout.”

He turned to scowl at her over his shoulder. “Very funny.”

She smiled. After a pause, she said, “Did you have a good time today?”

“Yeah, I did.”

Now who was surprised? The trace of emotion in his tone made her hopes soar. Forget memories and dreams. Focus on miracles. If Michael could learn to enjoy the holidays and get comfortable being around her family, what else might he come to like? “Don’t sound so shocked,” she told him. “We’re not that bad.” She laughed softly, not wanting to disturb Penny.

Michael crossed the room to her, and the laugh caught in her throat.

“Some of you aren’t bad at all,” he said.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should.” He reached for her hand. She hadn’t realized nerves had left her toying with the zipper tab of her knitted jacket. Warmth from his fingers heated hers. “Want some help taking off your sweater?” She’d heard that same teasing tone this morning when she’d wondered if he meant to flirt with her.

No wondering now. And her imagination wasn’t working overtime. The curve of his lips and the gleam in his eyes told her he was going for the full flirt. And more. Slowly, he unzipped her jacket. With every inch the tab lowered, the higher her excitement climbed.

Words like boss and employee, paycheck, and independence, filled her mind. She brushed them away like snowflakes, leaving room for words like anticipation and possibilities and together.

Michael tugged at the final inch of the zipper. A shiver ran down her spine.

Once he’d helped her slip out of the jacket, he tossed it onto the couch. He moved a half step toward her, close enough for her to feel the heat from his body. His lips curved another few degrees.

“Beautiful,” he murmured. His gaze held hers for a long, silent moment, then drifted to her mouth.

She could read his thoughts. They echoed hers.

Barbara White Daille Rafflecopter Giveaway!

To enter an exciting giveaway contest during the Barbara White Daille Book Launch, go to her New Release site HERE and scroll down to “Also, check out this ongoing Rafflecopter with not one, not two, but three prizes up for grabs.” Good Luck! Barbara’s contest prizes are great.

Reviews of One Week to Win Her Boss

“It would not be Christmas without a nice heartwarming holiday novel from Barbara White Daille! Very enjoyable!” –Cathy S., NetGalley

“One Week To Win Her Boss is a splendid holiday romance by Barbara White Daille. Ms. Daille has delivered a well-written book packed full of amazing, lovable characters. The story is heartwarming and has plenty of drama, humor and spice to keep the pages flying.” –Deb D., Goodreads

“Heartwarming and charming in every way! It all of a sudden feels like the holidays with this book!” –Erika C., NetGalley

“A sweet Christmas story in a quaint small town. The two main characters, one full of Christmas joy and the other a total Scrooge, come together on a spur of the moment decision. The story is full of family and small town seasonal festivities.” –Kirstie I., Goodreads

“I love Snowflake Valley! Small town charm at its best!” –Vivian P., NetGalley

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Interview with Barbara White Daille

 Alice – Thanks so much for inviting me to visit and giving me the opportunity to share my new book & my Barbara White Daille Book Launch with you and your readers. Barbara

What inspired you to write your Snowflake Valley series? How did the idea come to you?

I love Christmas stories and wanted to do a series set around the winter holidays.  And I thought, what could be better than a town that celebrates Christmas every day of the year!  Because I’m a character-driven writer, I focused first on my story people.  The Barnett family have a vested interest in Snowflake Valley as their ancestors have always been in charge of the biggest annual event of the year, the Winter Festival.

When I thought about the specific family members readers could root for, almost instantly, the three eldest Barnett sisters sprang to life.  Each has suffered through a bad relationship that, to their shared shame, has branded them in town as the “bad-luck Barnetts.”  And each sister is wary of getting close to a man again, let alone falling in love.

How many previous books are in the Snowflake Valley series? Could you share the titles with us?

One Week to Win Her Boss, which we celebrate now with my Barbara White Daille Book Launch, is book number twoNumber one is Snowbound with Mr. Wrong. 

I’d like to add, though, that all my books are stand-alone titles, in that the hero and heroine reach their Happy Ever After by the end of their story.  And while there are recurring characters and a connected locale for each my series (Flagman’s Folly; The Hitching Post Hotel; Dillon, Texas; Snowflake Valley…) the books can be read out of order if readers choose to do that.

Your new Snowflake Valley series entry is titled One Week to Win Her Boss. It sounds like a Race Against Time story. How do your heroine, Amber Barnett, and your hero, Michael DeFranco, end up in this intriguing situation?

Michael owns a ski lodge in Snowflake Valley, but as he’s also owner and CEO of a California-based electronics company, he doesn’t often get to take vacations…until he weakens and wants to spend more time with Amber!

Amber has loved Michael from the day he hired her as caretaker of the lodge.  But she’s a single mom who’s all about family and the holidays.  Michael’s bad upbringing makes “marriage” a dirty word to him and “family” even worse.  When they’re forced together into a fake-dating relationship to throw off the wolves…that is, Amber’s matchmaking family LOL..Amber sees this as her only opportunity to convince Michael to change his mind about marriage and family—and to give her and her infant daughter a chance to make his life complete.

What makes Amber and Michael the perfect couple in the perfect romance?

They’ve both been hurt in ways that go well beneath the surface but hide their vulnerabilities from others, and they’ve built protective barriers that keep them safe from their own demons.  But Michael’s inherent kindness helps Amber see not all men are the same, and that he’s the man for her.  And Amber, with her love of family, has the power to heal Michael’s wounds.

Tough times together, a little—okay, lots of—family meddling, and a big dose of Snowflake Valley “magic” all work together. They offer Michael and Amber a chance to heal—if each is willing to take it.

One Week to Win Her Boss is a holiday romance. What draws you, as a person and as a writer, to the holiday season setting?

It’s the season of good cheer, goodwill toward men, and an abundance of happy gatherings with family and friends.  At least, that’s what the season should be!  Real life doesn’t always provide what we’re hoping for, but when I write a holiday story, I can control that.  Or, some of that…

For the rest, I’m at the mercy of headstrong characters who are fighting as hard to stay apart as I am to bring them together.  Throw in the fact that their emotions are higher during this time of the year, then add in the bittersweet knowledge that their lives don’t match the perfect Christmas-card scenario they hold in their minds.  This leads to a blend of poignancy, sadness, and even some happiness.  And just as in real life, all those feelings become even more complicated when they’re set during the holidays.

What’s next for you, after this Barbara White Daille Book Launch? Do you plan another addition to the Snowflake Valley series?

Yes, I do—thanks for asking.  Snowflake Valley number three, which (fingers crossed) will debut early next year, is still untitled but has a Valentine’s theme and a heroine who was publicly abandoned at the altar by the boy she had always loved.  Now a fourth-grade teacher, she’s appalled to discover he has returned to town as her school’s interim principal.  Trust me, this is going to be another fun book to write.

And there are more Barnetts potentially waiting in the wings, including two brothers and a set of identical female twins.  So you never know, you may be hearing about their stories one day, too!

About Barbara White Daille

Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom. Barbara also loves writing, reading, and chocolate. Come to think of it, she enjoys writing about those subjects, too!

Barbara wrote her first short story at the age of nine, then typed “The End” to her first novel many years later…in the eighth grade. Now she’s writing contemporary romance on a daily basis. Sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the latest in her writing life: And welcome to the Barbara White Daille Book Launch of A Week to Win Her Boss.

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Dear Friends. I’m very pleased that Barbara could join us. I know you hear the beat of her warm, generous heart in everything about her here. You will find that same heart in her stories. Be sure to give yourself the gift of a Barbara White Daille Book Launch copy of One Week to Win Her Boss.  Blessings and Happy Holidays. Alice

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Honoring Saints – Gratitude Season is Here

Honoring saints is a focus at this time of year in my faith tradition. The day after zany costumes, tricks and treats, we devote our thoughts and prayers to remembering those bright, shining souls who perhaps shone brightest for us in life. They loved us, they guided us, they inspired and helped us to become the best of what we are. They deserve our gratitude, whether it takes the form of a faith tradition or a simple thank you – or the possibility I suggest at the end of this post.

I certainly have many reasons for Honoring Saints, both living and passed away, from my life. But at this time each year, and often in between, there is one particular bright, shining soul I draw near to in my heart. She was a gift of starlight and magic, illuminating my first seven years. Darkness fell after she was gone, but during our precious days together she had taught me how to access the light. Here is a small snippet from among many, many stories of how she did that.

Excerpt from Lifted to the Light – A Story of Struggle and Kindness A Memoir.

Everything good in my life began with Grandma. She taught me about the beautiful things, beginning with her flowers. Her garden was vast and varied in the English tradition. She’d point out which blooms to snip at what place along the stem, so the others could flourish.

“Cut them here, Lovey. They’ll bring light into the house.”

Her name was Alice Jane Rowland Boudiette. She died when I was seven years and three days old, but I remember being with her as if it were yesterday. With Grandma, I relaxed and was never afraid because she gave me no reason to be.

Her long white hair was braided and wrapped around her head in a circle as tight as the love she wrapped around me.  She put on rimless glasses for reading and needlework. She wore housedresses and laced-up shoes with chunky heels every day except Sunday, and she always smelled like bath powder.

She stood very straight in her sturdy shoes and taught me I must stand straight too because someday I’d be tall like her. She had me walk with a book on my head. Chin up, shoulders back, head held high, one step in front of the next, step after step. She said that was how I should walk the world.

“You’re as good as any of them, Lovey,” she told me.

Grandma was a quiet person. She taught me how to live a good life, more by example than with words. Most of all, Grandma was a woman of abiding faith, and her idea of living that faith was to do service. Taking care of me was part of that service.

She did other forms of service too. She knitted mittens, scarves and caps for the needy children of her neighborhood and passed them out from the porch of her tall brown, now white, house on West Main Street in Watertown, New York, as they increased in number over the years. She cared for the sick too, with homemade poultices and medicines.

She served the church by preparing for Sunday coffee hour in the cavernous reception hall of Trinity Episcopal on Sherman Street. I remember dark wood and leaded glass windows and the smell left behind from decades of wax and polishing, but my memories of Grandma are not in that hall. I remember her in the church kitchen making coffee, tea and cakes and humming the hymns that resonated from the pipe organ above.

She also taught me to pray. Occasionally, I stayed overnight at her house after being with her all day. On those precious evenings I’d sleep in her bedroom next to the kitchen. She had the tallest bed I’ve ever seen except in museums. It was piled high with tatted sheets and comforters and, underneath, a featherbed that was wonderfully soft, and all of those linens were white.

She’d place white wooden steps at the side of her bed, and I’d kneel on the second step with my hands folded. My night gown was white cotton in the warm months and white flannel with tiny pink rosettes in winter. Grandma sat next to me on the edge of the bed, sometimes still wearing her apron with the bib almost to her neck to protect her housedress from being powdered by baking flour. She taught me to pray there at her bedside.

“Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

After that came the “God blesses,” my moment for Honoring Saints. I’d honor everybody I knew, starting with family and moving outward to more and more obscure acquaintances, stretching the moment as long as I could, until a gentle hand touched my shoulder. “That’s enough, Lovey.”

Her voice was weary by that time of the evening and echoed quietly of England. I’d climb the rest of the way onto her bed and under the covers she’d folded back for me. She pulled the sheets and blankets up under my chin and tucked them around me. Then she bent down and kissed me on the cheek. I can still see her smile as she smoothed my pale hair from my pale forehead. “Spun gold,” she’d say as she touched me.

I hope this brief recollection of mine will inspire you to write your own Honoring Saints snippet in whatever form it may take. A scene, a poem, a list of recollections Honoring Saints. Any way the words arrive, I hope you will record them. I would be most grateful if at least some of you would send those writings to me so that I might include them in this blog. If you are moved to do so, attach your contribution to an email to Please, make sure the email subject line reads Honoring Saints.  Alice

– R|R –

Alice’s new series novel is A Time of Fear & Loving – Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Book 5. Available HERE. You can find all of Alice’s books HERE.

What readers are saying about A Time of Fear & Loving. “The tension in this novel was through the roof.”  “Warning. Don’t read before bed. You won’t be able to sleep.” “Orr is the queen of ramped-up stakes and page-turning suspense.” “The best one yet, Alice!” “A budding romance sizzles in the background until it ignites with passion.”

Second Chance Love – First Class Storytelling

I adore Second Chance Love. The one that got away, or you let go because you knew they weren’t a good match for you. But that was then and this is now, and the nostalgia filter has performed a reality reconfiguration big time. Through that pink-purple, or whatever color combo suits your starry eyes, memory crush has morphed into whatever your dream combo may be. Mine is George Harrison meets George Carlin and imports Desmond Tutu for the heart chakra. That guy I would diet my literal behind off because of, pay every cent I have on plastic surgery for, and throw in several self-improvement courses too. Why? Because he’d be my Second Chance Love.

Who is your Second Chance Love? Is it a real-life person that actually exists somewhere between the layers of your experience, distantly or maybe not-so-distantly, past? Do you remember the actual name, or would you prefer to provide a new one? Do you remember the details of this heartthrob’s personal backstory, the poignant pathos of a stricken childhood made even more lamentable by painful recollections of puberty? Do you fancy yourself the one and only capable of healing said wounds? Or maybe you simply anticipate running into this individual at a high school reunion, or some such event, and wowing his/her knickers off, perhaps literally, with your scintillating present-day self.

I don’t know your answers to the above queries. What I do know is that you have the makings of a Second Chance Love story. Your reunion or sexy soul salvation or dreamboat heartthrob fantasy has storytelling legs that reach all the way to the ground and then some, because everybody loves a Second Chance Love story. Why? Because everybody has at least one such story of their own. Everybody has googled at least one hot-memory someone from their past, which means everybody is a hot readership opportunity for Second Chance Love storytellers.

In my latest novel,  A Time of Fear & Loving – Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Book 5, Amanda Miller has unfinished business in Riverton, battlefields she didn’t conquer her first time around there. The most dangerous of those battlefields involves Mike Schaeffer, the young love she lost long ago. She wishes she could write an alternate ending to their story. “Look at me,” she’d say. “See the woman I am now. Don’t you wish you had noticed me back then? Sorry. You missed your chance.” Then she’d walk away without a backward glance, but it’s too late for that, too late for anything between Amanda and Mike. Or so she believes, until she sees him again.

I love Second Chance Love situations, not only for their market potential, but for their plot scenario potential too. They allow me to jump straight into the heart of the story without a lot of “meet-cute” at the beginning, when I’m supposed to be hooking the reader and grabbing her attention. I’m not a big fan of the meet-cute. Two attractive people meet in a cut, usually at least somewhat contrived situation and are attracted to each other. Sparks fly. Clever banter abounds. But where is the real story? What plummets the heroine into a dilemma so intense, dramatic and powerful she will have to scramble and struggle to escape. How is the reader hooked? Why is her attention grabbed?

I write romantic suspense so my lovers-to-be can meet over a dead body, which diminishes the cuteness factor considerably. Still, on first encounter, they might tend to circle one another bantering cleverly anyway. Three more of my Riverton Road stories refuse to follow that scenario. In A Wrong Way Home and A Vacancy at the Inn, heroine and hero were past lovers, though very briefly, and in A Year of Summer Shadows they’ve been eyeballing each other for quite some time.

Only A Villain for Vanessa is not a Second Chance Love story. Each of the others saves me a lot of work as a storyteller. The preliminaries are done with before page one. The “I’m so-and-so. Who are you?” part is past. More important, I have backstory to work with and develop. Backstory rife with conflict that gives my present-time front-story huge potential for intensity, drama and power. I’ve given myself a strong story advantage even before my story begins, and I’m in favor of advantages. The challenges of storytelling are enormous. I’ll take any help I can get. Second Chance Love stories are a great source of such help. Storytelling possibilities abound. Get out there and grab yourself some.

Plus, I love Second Chance Love stories because I believe life is all about chances, second or third or fourth or however many chances we need to succeed.

Alice Orr –

– R|R –

A Time of Fear & LovingDon’t miss this chance to read Alice’s new Second Chance Love story. A Time of Fear & Loving – Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Book 5 is available HERE. You can find all of Alice’s books HERE.

What readers are saying about A Time of Fear & Loving.

“Alice Orr is the queen of ramped-up stakes and page-turning suspense.”
“Warning. Don’t read before bed. You won’t want to sleep.”
“The tension in this novel was through the roof.”
“A budding romance that sizzles in the background until it ignites with passion.”
“I never want an Alice Orr book to end.”
“The best one yet, Alice!”